Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Electrocution - Inside The Unreal (1993)

1. Premature Burial
2. Rising of Infection
3. They Died without Crosses
4. Growing Into the Flesh (Bleed to Death)
5. Body's Decay
6. Ghost of the Past
7. Under the Wings Only Remains
8. Back to the Leprosy Death
9. Behind the Truth
10. Bells to the End

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" Electrocution formed in 1990 in (Bologna, Emilia-Romagna) Italy....Later split up in 1996 after 3-Demo's,2-Ep's,1-split and this their only full length "

" Electrocution is one of many hardly known quality bands outside of their homeland...But anyone that did hear them knew this album was a lost gem !
The band's superlative songwriting skills shine in every track and keep you interested throughout the entire 37 minutes "

" More of a Death/Thrash album to me...Highly technical and strong song writing make this album fly by before you know it...Then press play again. A clear heavy production from the era makes for a great listening experience. One of Italy's finest bands....Its a shame these guys didnt make anymore tha they did.."

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