Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tormented - Rotten Death (2009)

1. Rotten Death
2. Vengeance From Beyond The Grave
3. Blood Of The Undead
4. Burning Torment
5. Death Owns The Night
6. Come Back From The Dead
7. Drowning In Decaying Flesh
8. Tomb Of Corpses
9. Reversed Funeral

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Tormented are yet another fine addition to the Swedish death metal scene, kicking out fat, distorted, ultra-sick riffs and bludgeoning rhythms in the tradition of their many like-minded countrymen "

" Trust me when I say that these guys know what they are doing...This shit definitely reminds me of Dismember,Nihilist,Repugnant etc.....Nasty,Ugly buzz saw Death Metal of the highest order ! "

How Sweden keeps churning them out is beyond me....Just keep it coming !

Put this one up there with Maim,Tribulation on the continuing domination of Sweden and True Death Metal !

Except No Imitations !........Believe It!

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