Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lie in Ruins - Architecture of the Dead - Ep (2008)

1. Intro
2. Autopsychopath
3. Crawling Towards the End
4. Chambers of Hatred
5. End of Human Era
6. Monument of Revenge
7. Pathways of the Dead

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Lie in Ruins was initially formed in 1993. Roni S.(Vokills/Drums) & Tuomas K. (Guitar/Bass/Backing Vokills) shared a common interest in Death Metal bands from that era, especially the swedish ones like Entombed,Dismember and Grave.
Years passed on and Lie in Ruins was put in the background for several years,until in 2002, time was ready for rehearsals and composing new material..In 2005 the demo entitled '...Monuments' was finally released....Followed by ...'Statues' in 2006 "

" This Ep is a Collection of remixed and remastered songs from "...Monuments" and "...Statues"demos "

" As you can imagine by the bands influences above...Exactly what you are in for is the old sound from Sweden. Nihilist comes to mind when hearing the first 3 tracks...The production on this Ep is dense and bottom heavy..Making it sound like an old demo..(Im sure thats what they were shooting for) "

Since this Ep and a split with Deathevokation (Fucking Killers!)...Lie In Ruins has been signed by Spikefarm records and is in the studio recording their debut full-length...Due in the fall.....

If you dig the sound of the old demo's.....Kinda murky and fuzzy....Then give this a shot !

Temple of Darkness !............Go Ahead !

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