Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bone Gnawer - Feast of Flesh (2009)

1. Feast of Flesh
2. Sliced And Diced
3. Cannibal Cookout
4. Make You Die Slow
5. Hammer to the Skull
6. The Saw is Family
7. Hatchet Face
8. Defleshed and Skinned
9. Anthropophagus Beast
10. The Lucky Ones Die First

Origin - Sweden,USA
Style - Death Metal

" Bone Gnawer, featuring some of the most elite musicians in the industry. With Death Metal icon Kam Lee (Massacre / ex-Denial Fiend / ex-Mantas/Death) serving up some of his trademark growls and along with his cannibal-comrades Rogga Johansson (Paganizer / Demiurg / Ribspreader, etc), Morgan Lie from Swedish Black Metal act Naglfar and Ronnie Bjornstrom (Ribspreader, Hate Ammo, etc), This superbly stunning debut album “Feast Of Flesh” captures all the vital ingredients of the catchy Floridian-styled (meat)hooks and yet possessing all the 90’s Swedish Death Metal groove and flair! "

" Considering the pedigree of this project....It has to be good !.....Right?
Goddamn right its good....Crushing ,Catchy,Groove filled Swedish/Floridian Death Metal at its finest...Awesome Kam Vocals and a powerful production top off one of the best Death Metal releases this year ! "

Fucking Butchery !

Before The Gore !........Get It!

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