Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Massacre - Tyrants Of Death (2006)

1. Chamber Of Ages
2. Clangor Of War
3. From Beyond
4. Symbolic Immortality
5. Cryptic Realms
6. Aggressive Tyrant
7. Death In Hell
8. Mutilated
9. Infestation Of Death
10. Clangor Of War
11. Aggressive Tyrant
12. Cryptic Realm
13. Perpetual Domination
14. The Traitor
15. Corpse Grinder

1-4: Demo 2 (''Chamber Of Ages'' demo)
5: unreleased instrumental version (recorded during the ''Chamber ofAges'' session)
6-8: Demo 1 (''Aggressive Tyrant'' demo)
9-15: live 25/5/1986 Rock City, Tampa

Origin - USA

Style - Death Metal

" TYRANTS OF DEATH basically offers a nostalgic trip through the band´s early days - and those of you who have been digging Massacre since those old days when the first chords of such songs as "Aggressive Tyrant" and "Mutilated" were catapulted through loudspeakers back in 1986, surely understand immediately why this release was worth releasing and owning..."

" Kam Lee and co. in Massacre were one of the heaviest bands that were out there back then, creating some infamous noises in the underground metal scene - and spreading like a vicious plague amongst a cultivated metal population. Massacre was also that band where such bands legendary Death Metal acts as Death and Obituary spawned from later on, and we all know already where those two bands´ paths led to, right folks?......"

" This is their early demo material and rare live stuff...so check it out and dig on the raw sound...and hear the historical value that lies within !

Serbian Warrior.....Get This Now !



  1. One of the best old school death-metal bands ever. This one especially shows how it was in the beginning, in the first glory days of the most brutal and the most beautiful music on Earth. One of the most precious documents of the roots how it must sounds like. More compliments ? No. Get it and listen it as louder as you can. Death Dealer, you've got simply the best blog for extreme metal on the net. Cheers !!!

  2. thanks man...a blast from the past with Kam and Massacre! Great band!