Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hypnosia - Violent Intensity (1999) E.P.

1. Funeral Cross
2. Haunting Death
3. Undead
4. Perpetual Dormancy
5. Mental Terror
6. The Storms

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" After two successful demos...Hypnosia put out this little ep via Iron Fist productions....And introduced everyone to their brand of thrashing mayhem"

" For all you thrashers who like to bang their head without mercy and still worship albums from Merciless, Sadus or Kreator...Hypnosia will take you back to the glory days. This album combines very successfully a lethal 'Pleasure To Kill' style of riffing and vokills that are identical to Mille from Kreator "

" These guys would go on to make the devastating 'Extreme Hatred" Lp and then break up.....No Bueno !

Recorded at Studio Fredman....unusual for thrash metal to be done at the famous melodic death metal studio...but turns out surprisingly raw and very late 80s sounding "

Riot of Violence!........Fuckers !

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