Friday, October 3, 2008

Invocator - Weave The Apocalypse (1993)

1. Through The Nether To The Sun
2. From My Skull It Rains
3. Desert Sands
4. Condition Critical
5. Breed Of Sin
6. Doomed To Be
7. Lost At Birth
8. Land Of Misery
9. The Afterbirth
10. Weave The Apocalypse

Origin - Denmark
Style - Technical Thrash Metal

" I'm not sure what exactly to define this album as, because Invocator doesn't sound like any other band on this record. Mid-paced tech thrash?......heavy bone-crushing riffs with a stout production by jacob Hansen(guitars,Vocals), Per M. Jensen (the Haunted,Artillery) on drums....these guys created what I consider a masterpiece of metal "

" The vocals are sort of shouted, but very clear and not deathly. The riffs are really cool; they weave around each other and pull the listener into the songs, as the drummer, Per M. Jensen hammers out really strong beats. In fact, the drumming is some of the best that I've ever heard, probably due to the fact that Per is fond of jazz drumming. Overall, the music is very catchy, very heavy, sometimes technical (but not too much), but always fascinating....A true gem and one of the finest metal albums of the 90s, no doubt "

One of the most underated albums of all time !!!

Good call bro..........

The Scars Remain !..........Forever !
Get It!

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