Monday, April 27, 2009

Blood Tsunami - Grand Feast For Vultures (2009)

1. Castle of Skulls
2. Grand Feast for Vultures
3. Personal Exorcism
4. Nothing but Contempt
5. Laid to Waste
6. Eceladus Rising
7. One Step Closer to the Grave

Origin - Norway
Style - Thrash Metal

" Following up their debut album 'Thrash Metal'.....This is the sophmore release from the oslo thrashers "

" First off...You can tell these guys believe in what they are doing !....This album is relentless in its thrashing brutality. From neck-snapping opener "Castle of Skulls" to the the bludgeoning, nearly ponderous attack of stunning album finale "One Step Closer to the Grave" this is completely uncompromised thrash music "

" Owing a huge debt to Slayer and the "big 3" of German thrash, there's little time for melody...Just riff after riff....Some tracks may seem a bit long winded...In Older Metallica tradition...Even an instrumental that sounds right out of the late 80s...With twin guitars straight out ofthe Maiden camp "

All in All....A good record and one that should be checked out.....If you dont like it ?......Go Kill em all.

Killing Spree !....Get It?
GoT It!.....

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