Thursday, April 23, 2009

Armagedon - Invisible Circle (1993)

1. Death Liberates
2. In The Land Of Uncertainty
3. To The End Of My Life
4. The Circle Of False Truths
5. Get To The Limits
6. Two Faces
7. From Beyond Oneself
8. Pictures Of Reality
9. Obsessed By The Past
10. ...Instead Of Epilogue

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" One of Poland's under-rated bands here.....This is Armagedon's debut "

" Musically you have a Heavy Death Metal sound in the vein of other more popular Polish band's such as Vader,Trauma etc. "

" This album is criminally over-looked..Probably because it was supposed to be released on cd by Peaceville Records..But actually was only released on Cassette only...So not heard by many fans outside of poland. Skip to 2009 and Armagedon will release a new LP this year...Hopefully soon...I look forward to hearing it "

In the meanwhile...Pick this up and enjoy some Rare stuff from a country that has brought the world many great Death Metal acts !

Bollocks requested this one....

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