Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abhorrence - Abhorrence (Ep) (1990)

1. Intro + Pestilential Mists
2. Holy Laws of Pain
3. Caught in a Vortex
4. Disintegration of Flesh

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" The band was formed in Finland in early 1989 and after playing some time under several different names the name Abhorrence stuck. After recording one demo tape and this 7" EP they broke up....Later members were in such bands as Amorphis,Impaled Nazarene etc. "

" Legendary 7" on Seraphic Decay records......Downtuned... sludgy...Filthy...Finnish Death Metal with that just right recording....One of the best 7" of the era "

By the way.....The band is planning to put out all of their material on CD in the near future....

Until Then !..........Grab It!

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  1. qu pena que solo tengan dos discos