Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lay Down Rotten - Gospel Of The Wretched (2009)

01. Hours Of Infinity
02. Thy Won´t Be Done
03. Where Spirits Lie Dead
04. Altering The Whore
05. Conditioning The Weak
06. He Who Sows Hate
07. Beyond Damnation
08. When All Becomes Nothing
09. Gospel Of The Wretched

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" 5Th full length from Germany's Lay Down Rotten....With guest vocal appearances by mixmaster Dan Swanö himself, Martin van Drunen(Pestilence,Hail Of Bullets) and Marc Grewe of Morgoth "

" Lay Down Rotten have really mixed all the popular types of Death Metal into one album. Be it Mdm(Hypocrisy,At The Gates) to the mid-tempo crush of (Bolt Thrower) and more "

" The mix by Dan Swano is really fat and impressive and he even does some vocals on the record. LDR has succeeded in putting out a varied effort..But Consistent all the way through...."

Recommended for fans of the bands above !

Sirens Of Hell!.........Get It!

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