Monday, April 13, 2009

God Dethroned - Passiondale (2009)

01. The Cross of Sacrifice
02. Under a Darkening Sky
03. No Man's Land
04. Poison Fog
05. Drowning in Mud
06. Passiondale
07. No Survivors
08. Behind Enemy Lines
09. Fallen Empires
10. Artifacts of the Great War

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Blackened Death Metal

" 8th full length from these dutch warriors of Metal "

" 'Passiondale' sees God Dethroned delve into the historical battle of Passchendaele...A Epic battle that saw both sides lose nearly a million men in total "

" This band has endured some line-up changes for this record but has pulled through with flying colors ! Musically, Passiondale is heavy as all hell with a lot of melody, a touch of clean singing (very well done I might add) every once in awhile and though the growls are brutally heavy they are also very audible. There is also a lot of tremolo picking, which really gives it that whole Blackened feel to it. "

" People ....This is not your ordinary black/Death metal record all about anti-Religious beliefs.....This is a true historical account of a bloody battle......And the record is the same....Bloody....Fucking.....Great !

A catchy, brutal, interesting and well put together concept album with the savage intensity to match.....

Dogs Of War !...........Get It!

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