Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miasmal - S.T. Lp (2011)

1. Mesmerized
2. Equinox 432
3. Blissful Cannonades
4. We Will Live Forever
5. Mists
6. Toxic Breed
7. Death Mask
8. Chronicles
9. Creation Of Fire
10. Bionic Godhead Erase
11. Abduction Of The Soul
12. Kallocain
13. Apocalypse Legion
14. Anima Sola

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Ever since Miasmal sent me their demo in 2008 I knew these guys had it going on!....Now we see their debut full-length and no question...This crushes ! "

" Miasmal gets it all right here....Just raw punkish motorhead influenced Death Metal at its finest. Awesome D-beat....Crusty rhythms and ballsy guitars are the main course here. Real songs here folks...Not just blinding speed or technical mayhem "

" In a crowded scene of New..Old Styled Death Metal bands from every corner of the earth...Miasmal shines as one of the foremost bands of this ilk. You just cant go wrong with this excitingly dark act.

These fuckers are on tour in the good ole USA this summer also....Which is fairly unusual for such a new and obscure band....Buy your ticket and see a Swedish Death Metal powerhouse now...While you can !

Go to Dark Descent records right now !....Matt is offering the new Cd with all the bonus tracks + A patch for cheap !......For the price of a Fine Belgiun Ale you can slaughter your neighbors easily......Now that's Metal !

Kill Or Be Killed !......Get It?