Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sectu - Inundate (2011)

1. Age Of Splendour
2. Storms
3. Dominion
4. Dream Vessel
5. Ceremonial March
6. Unseeing Devine
7. Incantation Of The Lost Continent
8. Procession Through Flesh

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Holy cripes...This one kicked the living shit outta me !......Sectu from Stockholm,Sweden arrive with a name sounding like pure Black Metal...But oh no..This is Technical Death Metal here folks ! "

" Featuring ex-members of Dawn,Mork Gryning,Beyond Twilight this one really took me by surprise. I think I have been in a funk lately..Especially when it comes to Death Metal...Just not feeling all the old variety of Death bands coming out all the time. Maybe I needed a fresh take on the genre and these guys saved me for the time being "

" Right off the bat you notice a Immolation styled riffing and off kilter sweeping melody that just sounds killer !....Another thing is the production....This shit is amazing !..Just the way I like a new band to sound..Easily separating all the instruments and really showcasing everything here within. Of special note is Calle Backstrom on drums...This guy is a monster here !....Easily going from heavy to blasting without a hiccup. There is alot going on here..So it may take a few listens to absorb all of the intricacies going on...But trust me....It is entirely worth it...This one has been in heavy rotation since I received it "

" This album is technical without being wanky or self indulging and there is some great songwriting here...'Age of Splendour' and 'Dominion' being of particular note....Simply stunning !...Easily changing from Heaving and chugging riffs to thrashy goodness in a moments notice..And all the while keeping it interesting and not out of bounds "

People this is a good one !......Fans of Decapitation,Immolation,Dominion and the like Take note....

Looking for a step away from the typical Stockholm sound...Then this is for you !

Im Feelin It !
Happy Fathers Day by the way !
Check It....