Saturday, June 4, 2011

Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)

01. Omni Potens
02. Too Extreme!
03. Existo Vulgoré
04. Blades for Baal
05. I Am Morbid
06. 10 More Dead
07. Destructos Vs. the Earth / Attack
08. Nevermore
09. Beauty Meets Beast
10. Radikult
11. Profundis - Mea Culpa

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Its been 8 years since the last record...And David Vincent is back in the fold...Cant be a bad record can it? "

" This has to be one of the most polarizing records I have heard in years and will be written in the history books in many ways. I'm not gonna go into the history of this legendary band..As everyone knows this...Right? "

" Lets get down to it.....Wait for it........This is not a horrible album !.....Its half a better than average album and half (Bullshit..We do what we want to do,techno,electronic,fake white zombie)record. Why would such a band like M.A. do a album like this?...Cause they can !....Is it smart?....No....Will it sell?...Yes...Trust me..It will..And fans will flock to see the band live "

" Hey people are making it sound like this really came out of left field !....It doesn't surprise me at all..As they have always been different on every record.
I am not going to do the track by track breakdown as its not worth it.
The first track is 'Existo Vulgoré ' and it kicked my ass from the first time I heard it...This is classic Morbid Angel !....Incredible double bass and a winding guitar that really got me going. 'Blades Of Baal' is a fast track and kills in every way..Including a dominating solo from Trey. Now while the title track has more cheese than a big order of nachos...It has a ripping solo that I really liked...And all you fuckers know you will be chanting "I Am Morbid" when you see them live ! "

" '10 More Dead had that creepy crawling style from the 'Domination' era...Very fucking cool !...'Nevermore' & 'Beauty meets Beast' round out the real songs from this LP. I will not say much more about the other tracks as I deleted them so I don't have to even hear or see them "

While this album would have been better with 3 or more Death Metal tracks on it...I do find the material catchy and Trey still rips !...And David Vincent still is a commanding force.....Just do a remix album under another moniker next time and don't waste our time and money..When we think we are getting a Death Metal album....At the very least...Put WARNING stickers on the cover !

Will you get it?......Hummm?
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