Saturday, June 18, 2011

Asphyx / Hooded Menace - Split 7" Ep (2011)

1. Asphyx - We Doom You To Death

2. Hooded Menace - Abode Of The Grotesque

Origin - Netherlands & Finland
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Here we have another badass 7" from the killer label Doomentia Records...Featuring two of my personal favorite bands with exclusive new tracks "

" First off is Asphyx...Let me tell you when I hear Martin's voice on this it is just awesome..No other voice like his in Metal today...Pure Agony ! As far as the track?....Pure crushing Death/Doom at its finest !.....Catchy...Memorable...And produced by Dan Swano.....Its only a single track(Fuck)But its killer "

" Secondly is Hooded Menace from Joensuu,Finland...And surely one of the best bands of this genre. Lasse Pyykko has a knack for writing doomy but melodic songs that are both heavy and memorable and this one is no different....Actually this song is fucken killer with a melodicness to it that just kills me everytime ! "

So there you go....An absolutely mandatory 7" available in Black or Picture vinyl from the already mentioned Doomentia Records....Go and buy it !

Vinyl is Final......
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