Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Ugly - Slaves to the Decay (2008)

1. Seven Heads,Ten Horns 
2. Divide Et Impera 
3. Crooked Serpent Salvation 
4. Diggin' Graves 
5. Throne of Grief
6. Hierarchy of the Undead 
7. Disease 
8. Death Beyond Flag or Uniform 
9. Black Metal Punks
10. Necrosis
11. Dressed in Death

Origin - Sweden
Style - Black Metal

" Don't panic....You are still on the Underworld !....I am not known for my Black metal mastery...But I do listen to Black Metal when its fits my certain criteria. 1. Must be well produced(no lofi shit) 2.Must be well played(please:learn how to play an instrument before painting face)3.Have the attitude that the genre stands for(finger paints do not make you cult). That being said: We are here to discuss The Ugly from Stockholm,Sweden "

" The Ugly (sounds punk..Dont it?)formed in 2004 with the intention of playing metal without tags..And I can tell you...They have achieved this and more.Thrashened Black Metal with a hint of Death Metal (I think I just invented a sub-genre?)is whats on hand and it kicks holy ass "

" Rippin' Thrashing Swedish Black Metal kicks off this record and never stops until the last track is done....But dont think The Ugly is a one trick pony...There is enough time changes and difference in the tracks to not become boring. The guitars are crisp and crunching(not often found in Black metal)The drums are produced right....The vocals are nasty and the bass(well..everything cant be perfect). "

" Its the attitude on this record that I dig....A kind of Snotty-Nosed Punkish Fuck You and the horse you rode in on attitude that is refreshing....Just check out the track 'Black Metal Punks' and you will see what I mean "

Fans of Thrashy Black Metal and Blackened Death Metal...Check This out !
A true Black Metal Hammer !

Kissed By The Serpent !.........Ahhh Whatever!
Check it....


  1. This was good... Bit generic, but still very listenable. I got similar feelings about this one that I did with Razor of Occam's newest.