Saturday, February 13, 2010

Massive Assault - Dystopian Prophecies (2009)

1. Forever War
2. Come With Me
3. World Destruction 
4. Weigh Up
5. Man-Kind!?
6. O.S.D.M. 
7. Swallow My Venom
8. The Rival Believer 
9. Dystopian Prophecies

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Debut full length from this Dutch powerhouse"

" Stylistically Massive Assault are still knee-deep into early Nineties Swedish death metal, with pioneers like Entombed, Dismember but also Dutch bands like Asphyx having left an impact on their sound. Apart from the slightly longer title track which concludes the CD, we get a constant onslaught of death metal pieces that run between three and four minutes "

" Massive Assault don’t like to complicate things, preferring instead to play things the hard and rough way. Switching skilfully between mid-tempo grooves and faster old school riffing, Dystopian Prophecies manages to entertain from beginning to end, but honestly, you won’t find any original ideas on this record "

See you in the grave fuckers.......
Get It!...

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