Monday, February 1, 2010

Morbider - When Darkness Returns (2009)

1. When Darkness Returns
2. One Shot Left
3. Bloodstained 
4. Morbid Ways 
5. God Bless the Mass Murder 
6. Beyond the Gates 
7. Revenge 
8. Rotting Soul
9. Behold the Nothingness
10. Bloodred Shores of Damnation 
11. Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom (Dissection Cover)

Origin - Czech Republic
Style - Death Metal

" Fucking bomb of an album out of the Czech Republic ! Straight Dismember worship ! "

" This Lp is incredibly realistic to the glory days...What I mean is: The playing,The Tracks themselves,The production....Right down to the song titles and artwork !.....This probably would have made my top 20 if I had it on time "

" I would have liked the growls to be a little higher in the mix..But that is a small detail in an otherwise outstanding record "

This one is not to be missed !.......Go out and buy this !

Ways To The Grave !..........91 right?
Get It.........

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