Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unconsecrated - Unconsecrated Cemetery (2008)

1. Intro + Recremated By the Sunlight
2. Journey Into The Crypts Of The Dead
3. Morbid Dawn of the Deceased
4. Unconsecrated Cemetery
5. Recently Deceased
6. The Curse of Evocation
7. Dead Forever (Unleashed Cover)
8. Path of the Ancient Gods
9. Dark Awakening
10. Over the Throne
11. Temple of Darkness
12. Descending into the Abyss
13. Tombs of Fallen Angels

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" CD with two demos recorded between 2006 and 2007. These two demos were never put
out separately "

" Influenced by old school Swedish death....These Spaniards unleash a putrid collection of tracks influenced strongly by early Unleashed etc. Slow to mid-tempo is the order of the day with deep vocals and a decent production (Actually better on the second half) As tracks 8-13 are a bit heavier "

" Nothing new..Or shit you haven't heard...But this is quite good and am looking forward to further releases from these guys "

A new 7" is on the horizon..So keep a look out for it !

Do I Not Entertain You?........Get It!

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