Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mystical Magazine - Overtures Of Pure Death Metal Madness (2009)

1. Avulsed - Breaking Hymens (Spain)
2. Axis Powers - Brutal War (Sweden)
3. Bloody Sign - The Will To Adore (France)
4. Bone Gnawer - Defleshed And Skinned (Sweden & USA)
5. Dead - Dixi Diver (Germany)
6. Dead Congregation - Vanishing Faith (Greece)
7. Decapitated Christ - Profound Sources Of Perversion & Disgust (Spain)
8. Eroded - The Harmful Order (Italy)
9. Infinitum Obscure - Seeding Darkness (Mexico)
10. Lifeless - Moribund (Germany)
11. Morbid Flesh - Impaled Ratzinger (Spain)
12. Morbus Chron - The Putrid Smell Of Hell (Sweden)
13. Nomad - The Slanderer (Poland)
14. Puteraeon - Dead Once More (Sweden)
15. Stench Of Decay - Where Death And Decay Reign (Finland)
16. Temple Below - Abomination Of Desolation (Chile)
17. Tormented - Vengeance From Beyond The Grave (Sweden)
18. Tribulation - Crypt Of Thanatophilia (Sweden)
19. Unconsecrated - Temple Of Darkness (Spain)

Origin - Planet Earth
Style - Death Metal

" Here's a Death Metal compilation that comes with Mystical Magazine #14 from Germany....The Magazine is the very best out there if you like Old Style Death Metal "

" Quite a group of bands and tracks to follow here...Including some un-released tracks and hard to find stuff "

" Lifeless from germany has a cool as fuck track here as well as up and coming Swedish band Morbus Chron. Puteraeon provides a track from their 3rd demo.
And of course..You get a gang full of Heavyweights also....Tribulation,Dead Congregation,Eroded etc..."

Get out and order this mag right now !......And get a terrific comp while your at it !

Risen !....From The Grave!
Down Below....

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