Monday, January 25, 2010

Garcharot - Core of Despair (2008)

1. Bringer of the plague 
2. With fear and chaos
3. Broken trust 
4. Deny the weak 
5. Shape of carnage
6. Doomed to fail
7. Core of despair 
8. Distorted reality 
9. Darkened light 
10. Black star 
11. Unsatisfied internal pleasure
12. The art of dark desires 
13. Butchered orgies 
14. Carvings of the carnals 
15. Blessedness 
16. Holy communion perversities
17. Graveyard rats
18. By the grace of god 
19. When the death is real 
20. Holy communion perversities

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal
Tracks 1-10 (recorded from 2004-07)
Tracks 11-15 are from the demo "The art of dark desires" (1994)
Tracks 16-19 are from the demo "Cradle of sorrow" (1994)
Track 20 is from the compilation CD "Sometimes death is better" (1995)
" These guys have been around since 1990...Releasing 2 demo's and some rehearsal tapes...Then finally in 2004 they reformed and decided to put out their first full length..Tracks 1-10 here...As a bonus you also get both demo's and a compilation track from way back "
" Let's talk about the music within: On tracks 1-10 (new stuff) you get a heavy grooving Death metal style in the scandanavian tradition...Catchy,Rumbling,Growling tracks....Great stuff !
The demo track's are of course..More raw, More Grinding or much more brutal..with a deep distorted voice....Also good in its own way "
Again this is a great package..And well worth the $...As you get more than a hour worth of music...Basically encapsulating Garcharot's entire career !
Another great old band still crushing away.....Hope we hear more in the future...
Pirkanmaa !........Gets It !
Over There....

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