Thursday, January 28, 2010

Affliction Gate - Aeon of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation) (2009)

1. After the Red Moon
2. The Worst Is Yet To Come
3. Knights of Scorn 
4. Our Evil Legacy 
5. Cattle Burner 
6. Mirror Breakdown 
7. Inner Demise 
8. Mourning (Outro)

Origin - France
Style - Death Metal

" I had been waiting to hear this one...As their ep was a fine effort and I was looking forward to this release..Their Debut "

" Nice...This sounds like the Mighty Morgoth...And early Unleashed...Maybe some Bolt Thrower too....Cool ass Death Metal played in the old style...Raw and in your face stuff "

" Look..This aint nothin new..This is comfort food....And man..This sure does taste good ! "

This brings back alot of memories for me...When 'core' meant good....When Death meant METAL !

Special Thanx goes out to maliciousintent for sending this in !...Hailz Bro !

Go Ahead !.......Skin That Smokewagon !
See what happens....

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