Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorcery - Master of the Chains - Demo (2009)

1. Master of the Chains
2. Heaven Lies Dead 
3. The Rite of Sacrifice '09

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Legendary Death Metal band returns ! "

" Formed in Sandviken/Gavle in 1986...Sorcery were all about a brutal and raw Death Metal style.
Leaving three demo's, an Ep, And the awesome 'Bloodchilling Tales' full length in 1991....Fast forward to 2009 and low and behold ..They have reformed ! "

" This 3 tracker is a pre-cursor to a brand new full-length (I hope)....This shows a bit more modern production value's than the old Sunlight stuff..But still has that old vibe and stomping style "

With a whole slew of the ancient gods reforming...We just need a all Swedish Deathfest to complete the comeback !.....I can see it now....Entombed,Dismember,Unleashed,Evocation,Desultory,Gorement,Grave,Sorcery,Interment....Holy shit !....I can only dream of such a festival.....

Are You In ?........Im all in !
Get It.......

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