Monday, February 8, 2010

Vasaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin (2010)

1. Wrathful Deities 
2. Figures of Chained Spirits
3. Curse Seeping Through Flesh
4. Gateways to the Cemetery of Being
5. Poisoned Tongue
6. Spirit of Noxious Miasmas
7. Adorned & Iridescent
8. Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" 2010 release from the American Death Metal band. Hailing from Georgia and Texas "

" They've released a well-received demo and EP, both in limited quantities that sold out instantly. Crypt Born And Tethered To Ruin, their ultra-brutal, doomy debut album, will cement the band's place among the premiere acts in the Death Metal underground. Conjuring the specters of the legendary Incantation & Autopsy, it delivers a bracing reminder of the old-school glory days when raw, guttural Death Metal ruled supreme "

" Ok...This record is a Seething,Dark,Rumbling,Raw ,Crushingly heavy, Minimalistic work of art... and not an easy listen !......Folks : we are talkin heavy shit here.....This has an evil ambiance like no LP Ive heard in recent years!....They have managed to produce(or under produce) a murky...Sub-Woofer killing album "

This band has been hyped alot lately as the next great American Death Metal act........I can tell you this......They are off to a great start...Time will tell if they are to be considered one of the all timers.....

Malicious !.........Intent !

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