Friday, February 19, 2010

Burial Invocation - Rituals of the Grotesque - Ep (2010)

1. Beyond
2. Haunted Crypts of the Ancient Dead 
3. Through the Void of Obscurity
4. Desecration Remains

Origin - Turkey
Style - Death Metal

" Turkish Death Metal?........Name one other act?.......Hurry Up!.....Couldnt huh...Well there are some great bands from Turkey..But this one took my head off ! "

" Complete Doomy Death Metal done with the old spirit....Like a mixture of old Incantation meets some of the newer bands like Graveyard (Espana). What sets this apart from the millions of demos is the songwriting...These are solid songs with crushing guitars and brutal vocals "

" The appropriate production completes one of the better Eps I have heard in a while !.....Cant wait for a full-length from these (Istanbul) Bruisers ! "

This shows how there is awesome music from every corner of the planet !

Serious Buisness !........Buy It!
Check it.....


  1. Great EP. Keep an eye out for a 7" later this year and a full-length next year. For those of you who wish to purchase this EP, you can get it at www.darkdescent.net for only $6 USD.

    Dark Descent Records

  2. It's easy for Turks to put the inverted cross (and hate the Christianity) on their logo, because they are Moslems. Every joke got a little bit of a serious thing. Think about that.

  3. Are all people fron usa,greece,france,spain or canada christian?so you must understand that all turks not muslum!fck your idiot idea.what a simple thought!they are not muslim and we are not muslim.now you sit,and think about that ok?