Thursday, February 25, 2010

Son of Earth - S.T. (2008)

1. The Earth 
2. Slowly Rotting
3. The Twilight 
4. The Son
5. Dithyramb
6. The Libation
7. Amphoe Sraphi
8. The Wall

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Here's one I had meant to put up a while ago....Son Of Earth from Sweden are a total mystery...Not much can be found on these guys...But they did put out a self titled full length in 2008....And it kills ! "

" Recorded in their rehearsal studio this has that buzzsaw sound from yesteryear....Reminding of the old sunlight recordings.....This shit is right there in the Axis Powers,Karnarium league with a touch of the Autopsy vibe....Full on Swedish sound with a top notch growler and some cool leads within "

" If you are a Swedish fan....or fans of the bands above...Do yourself a favor and seek out this record....You will not be disappointed ! "

And I hope this is not the last or only thing we ever hear from this mysterious band........
And sorry about the cover art...Thats the best I have....

Sons Of Chaos !.......Will Rise !
or not......

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