Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Insult - Abysmal Incantations (2009)

1. Blitzkrieg 666 
2. Oath Of Eternal Desecration 
3. Slaves Of Holy Righteousness
4. Manhunt
5. Procreation Of Perdition
6. Apocalyptic Plague Inferno
7. A Doubters Manifesto
8. Unholy Triumph
9. Bestial Bloodshed 
10. Beast Of Heresy
11. Diabolical Decree

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

Contains both "Axiom" and "Decree" demos.

" Insult, hailing from Sweden, was born in 2004, as a manifestation of sinister and hateful spirit of Old-Styled Death Metal in its (im)purest form!...This a compilation of both of their 2005,2008 demo's "

" The first 6 tracks are from the 'Axiom' demo and have the better sound and songwriting of the two demo's.....Here you get Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, reminding of Bolt Thrower and older Death Metal from the United States "

" The second half is much rawer and the tracks not as developed....But still you can clearly hear the band moving forward to a new Full-length...Later this year "

For fans of bands like Incantation, Vader, Runemagick and Kaamos...

Make sure you are in !.....Before you go out!

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