Friday, July 10, 2009

Subcyde - Subcyde (2007)

1. Knives In The Dark
2. War Infected
3. Power Smash
4. A Sea Of Serpents
5. Testament
6. Hollow Death
7. Sentence Is Death
8. Sacred Scars
9. Perfect Enema
10. Pitchblack
11. All For Extinction

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" The Swedes Subcyde has been around as a band since 1997, and why this is their first full length album, I can only be guessing about, because they sure have something to offer in the aggressive end of the thrash scene "

" Musical comparisons to early Testament, Machine Head, Sepultura and even Pantera can easily be made, and I think it overall holds the level of the mentioned bands. So this is more old school type of thrash, but also with a groovy edge on the riffing part. That doesn’t mean that it’s worn out or gets boring stylistically..."

" A very professional recording,powerful production....But why the dark artwork?
It just doesn't match up with the album....Pentagram,Horned Monster..Cool...Just make it so we can make it out better......Anyway...This is a top notch record...Check it out !

Devils Hand !.........Says !

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