Saturday, July 4, 2009

Requiem - Infiltrate...Obliterate...Dominate (2009)

1. Marked By The Signs Of Chaos
2. Killing Cell
3. Final Conflict
4. Infiltrate To Obliterate
5. Obliterate To Dominate
6. The Die Is Cast
7. Perish In Open Fire
8. Hate Driven Heretic Deceit
9. A Haunting Warfare
10. The Last Campaign

Origin - Switzerland
Style - Death Metal

" The Swiss Death Metal machine Requiem return with their 4th full-length "

" Produced by Andy Classen, death metal producer extraordinaire, “I.O.D.” is a fucking death metal monster.....Starting with a thick,heavy production..And immense riffs on top of riffs,some cool time changes and a sense of groove to the 10 tracks "

" Think Vader ,Blood Red Throne,Behemoth kinda heavy...In your face,No solos,wake up the fucking neighbors music..That never stops "

Requiem are not re-inventing the wheel here....Just keeping the machine rolling along...Like a tank over your pancake flat body !

A River Of Blood !.........Flows !

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