Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sgt.Carnage - Primus Inter Pares (2007)

1. The Kill
2. Exit Denied
3. Agitation
4. The Bleeding Ground
5. Severed Veins
6. Hate Preserved
7. Threshold
8. Self Settlement
9. It Ends Here
10. Turn To Dust
11. Gnostam
12. Title Fight

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Here we have Death/Thrashers Sgt. Carnage from Kristianstad, Sweden with their one and only full-length "

" This band boasts some fine seasoned veterans from the Swedish scene....Members were or are in Verminous,Immersed In Blood,Evildoer to name a few. These guys play a hybrid style...Modern Swedish Death meets Bay area Thrash w/Growled vocals. Nothing too amazing here..Just a solid outing and some cool riffs in here "

" The guys are working on new material..And hope to get back in the studio some time this year...Lets hope so...We can all use a little more carnage..!

Their Swedish !......What do you expect?

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