Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slugathor - Echoes from Beneath (2009)

1. Summoning (The True Face of Evil)
2. Stormtroopers
3. The Smoke
4. Unveil the Passage
5. Abomination
6. Last Rites
7. Downfall

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Slugathor play a brand of Finnish Death Metal with low down-tuned riffs and lots of tempo changes...And eerie melodic atmosphere thrown in for good measure "

" This is their latest..And is no different than what you would expect...Highly atmospheric Death Metal with varying tempos and some cool grinding in places. Vocally: Extra deep growls that are placed well in the mix...The production is grimy..But clear..With that bit of demo sound in it "

Slugathor is a fine representative from the Finnish scene...Experienced and well done albums from musicians that know what they want.....

Recommended !

Support The Scene !.......Buy CDs !

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