Saturday, July 11, 2009

Energetic Krusher - Path to Oblivion (1989)

1. Lord of Darkness
2. The Blast
3. Thrash Ritual
4. The Blades
5. Battle Cry
6. Brain Damage
7. Yukk
8. War Path
9. Back From the Dead
10. Energetic Krusher

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Thrash Metal

" Here's a rare one !.......Probably one of the most obscure British thrash bands, Energetic Krusher played some of the heaviest thrash metal on this...their only full-length release "

" This record has all the tempo changes of the classic period...A little lower vocal register than most....But then this LP borders on Early Death Metal in certain parts "

Fast, short, aggressive thrashers bordering on death is what these guys offer; an obscure, but Classic Release !

Recommended to all who dig their Music done the old way !

Go Ahead !......Try It!

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