Thursday, July 16, 2009

Antarktis Utopia - Traitors (2009)

1. Punishment
2. Wolf Brigade
3. Upon Us All
4. Traitors
5. Northern Savage
6. Extinction
7. Infected
8. Convicted
9. Aye! Liberty!

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Here's an interesting band from Savonlinna,Finland...Who have taken their time and put out 4 demos,a Debut full length in 2007(A fine record I might add)..in the first decade of existence "

" Here in 2009 they unleash 'Traitors' an amalgam of many styles an yet sounding very original. A.U. have incorporated almost all styles of extreme music in one melting pot of a unique record. 'Traitors' is a very busy album, with drums, vocals and guitars firing in from all angles..Sounding at times like early Extol then blasting into the intelligently injected melody of Anata. "

" This record has everything from chunky, bizarre time signatures to prog rhythms to impressive note flurries all intertwined with intricate melodies. However the key is to keep all this from sounding in cohesive or dis-jointed...This isn't math metal here...But it does take some time to get all the different nuances and flavors of this entire Lp "

In the end fans of Theory In Practice,Anata, Decapitated would all enjoy this along with most people in between. There is much more to offer than straight D.M for anyone that chooses to read between the lines !

The band is giving this away for free on their website also....Very Cool shit indeed !

And The Blind Ones Shall See!........Here!

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