Sunday, July 26, 2009

Axegressor - Command (2009)

1. Born of Pain, Bred With Fear
2. Damage-Inked
3. Barricade Command
4. Psalm Before the Storm
5. Not
6. Strangled by Life
7. Iron Will Executor
8. Holy Terror
9. Servants
10. Axegressor

Origin - Finland
Style - Thrash Metal

" Debut from the (Turku) Finland crew "

" Already with a cool Ep in 2007...Axegressor let loose their first full-length..Fans of Testament,Kreator,Stone..(remember them?) will have no problem getting into this...This probably leans more towards the bay area sound than anything "

" Riff oriented tracks that have changes and tempo changes to keep it from sounding sterile. Vocally...A sorts shout..yell at the same time...It works ok. The production is strong and the drumming solid..Not flashy "

" Overall, this is a solid little album that would be recommended for anyone who enjoys old thrash metal. It is nothing new, but is a solid release....

Thrash All Night!.......Yes !

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