Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Insomnium - Across The Dark (2009)

1. Equivalence
2. Down With The Sun
3. Where The Last Wave Broke
4. The Harrowing Years
5. Against The Stream
6. Lay Of The Autumn
7. Into The Woods
8. Weighed Down With Sorrow

Origin - Finland
Style - Melodic Death Metal

" Fourth studio album from Finnish melodic death metallers.. a pinch of Melancholic/Doom, some thrashing, a whole lot of timeless melodies and progressive twists and there you have it: ingredients of a perfect marriage of Scandinavian death metal with traditional Finnish tunes "

" No doubt this album is catchy...Alot of clean vocals in the choruses...Backed by the terrific growling of Niilo Sevänen. There is definitely a more progressive feeling to this record...with subtle use of keys to set the mood...Then the melodies take over..And I mean Folk sounding,Darkness, Mourning, Loss, Pain...You know all of that melancholic shit "

I haven't had alot of Melodic stuff on here in some time....There just isn't alot of quality sounding music out there...most is outdated and cheesy.

Rest assured all you M.D.M. fans out there...This is what you are looking for...
Classy music from a great band and really good Live too !
Fans of Dan Swano's solo record 'Moontower' will dig this...

Journey To The Bitter End !..........Get It!


  1. Nice! I had no idea they had a new album coming.

  2. Their previous effort 'Above the Weeping World' didn't deal so big an impact on me as I have been waiting them to rediscover their old and cold riff-melodies and overall melancholic atmosphere. Well, here it is, in this album. It feels like a very logical sequel to 'In the Halls of Awaiting'.

    Gotta hail the way they have implemented lighter instrumentation and clean-sung parts and still kept the record spiteful and lethal. That's what separates Insomnium from everyday melodic death metallers; the ability to recreate the true feel of calm-before-the-storm. Definitely buying this in September! And thanks to Death Dealer for sharing this.