Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Architorture - Skeleton Transformer - Demo (2008)

1. Skeleton Transformer
2. Spiritual Disease
3. Blood God
4. Murder 913

Demo was done under the name 'Treachery'...The band since changed names to 'Architorture'

Origin - Finland
Style - Thrash Metal

" Born in 2005...Treachery..Now Architorture has been playing ripping Thrash Metal in and around (Vantaa) Finland "

" These guys sound like a deadly mixture of Slayer meets Kreator...Pietu sounds like a young Mille clone if you ask me....That cool raspy scream/yell sounds so perfect in music like this "

" Of the 4 tracks..3 are short blasts of intense Thrash madness...Then there is the epic 'Blood God'...8 minutes of Hypnosia sounding Thrash...Replete with time changes and destruktive solos...Truly awesome !

Tell me again why these kinds of bands aren't signed?....Hopefully someone does..

Fans of Hypnosia,Kreator etc. you cant go wrong here....

sorry I dont have the cover....oh well..

Desire For Violence !........Get It!

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