Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chaosfear - Image of Disorder (2008)

01. Kaleidoscopical Downhill
02. Poison Head
03. Bitter Dominance
04. Image Of Disorder
05. Destinated To Your Own Hell
06. Vergiften
07. Don't Mask Your Weakness
08. Paradox Of Pain
09. Inner Revolution
10. Truthless B.C.
11. Obliteration (Unlimited

Origin - Brazil

Style -Thrash Metal

" 2nd album from one of Brazil's best kept secrets.....This second onslaught is a re-vamped version of the debut "One Step Behind Anger". Though "Image Of Disorder" is a tad bit thicker, harsher and darker, definitely more polished and very possible even a bit more consistent than its predecessor "

" After a intro sets the mood..'Poison Head' comes bursting out of the speakers..A true riff-tastic piece. “Bitter Dominance” showcases the extreme end of the band’s sound as buzzing guitars and blastbeats flavor their thrash with the choicest death metal, an ingredient that’s heard elsewhere on the album. Now some of you may be turned away by the monotone bark of the vocals...They get the job done..nothing more...nothing less "

" I would call this modern Thrash with Death Metal leanings....Think The Haunted,Dew Scented etc...

Nonsense Attitude!........Here!......Get It!


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