Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Megaslaughter - Calls from the Beyond (1991)

1. Blood Runs Free
2. Raise The Dead
3. False Paradise
4. Shreds Left Behind
5. Death Remains
6. Into The Decay
7. Calls From The Beyond
8. Bloodshed

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Megaslaughter formed in 1987, was initially known as Dinloyd. Their first demo as Megaslaughter, 'Death Remains' surfaced in 1989 and garnered the band a deal with French label Thrash Records. After one album Megaslaughter split in 1992, with vocalist Emil Lilic resurfacing in 1997 fronting Murder Corporation, a project band assembled by members of Deranged that released the 'Blood Revolution 2050' album. In 1998 both Emil Ilic and Kenneth Arnestedh were to be found in Concrete Mass. Former Megaslaughter bass player Alex Räfling and guitarist Emil Ilic would both be found with the high profile 2003 Metal venture Jaggernaut "

" The music found on this album is dark, mostly mid-paced death metal with the occasional thrash influences. However these guys were not in the typical Dismember,Entombed vein. I would say a more Americanized influence from Death and other bands of that time "

" This was released on vinyl by the obscure Thrash Records...And is a tough one to come up with....

Those who worship the early stuff from Sweden....This is a must !

I have a couple of copys !......Want one?