Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn (2009)

1. We Will Prevail
2. The Ones I Condemn
3. Give Me Justice
4. The Great Wall
5. Tetragrammaton
6. Atrocity
7. Hiroshima
8. The Devil's Martyr
9. Ultimate Power Corrupts
10. Desolation Alive
11. Burned At The Stake (2009 Version)
12. The Entity (2009 Version)

Origin - Canada
Style - Thrash Metal

" Legendary Canadian thrash warriors Sacrifice who released such fine tour-de-forces of thrash, like the 'Torment In Fire' and 'Forward To Termination' albums during the golden decade of thrash metal are back after a lengthy 16 year absence"

" Sacrifice is back to show the world how its done...Reportedly recorded with no studio trickery,triggers.....Just honest and true organic Thrash Metal "

" This shit is serious...Aint no party rock album...Fast and Heavy riffing with the vocals that tear your head off and and a killing attitude to boot. There are some awesome riff fests in here such as 'Give Me Justice' or the tight title track or the epic 'Desolation Alive' that has some really tasteful lead playing, great riffs and drumming "

All in all...A great comeback album !.....Its like they never left...

Forever Enslaved!..........Go Ahead !


  1. With all due respect, this album blows. It's not nearly as varied as 'Forward to Termination', it's like they forgot what made them great, and the almost black rasp/snarl of the lead singer is gone completely in favour of...I dunno, nu-metal or metalcore shouting? It's terrible.

    I was so looking forward to hearing the original lineup back together again, but this is unlistenable if you are a fan of their older works.

  2. Opinions are like assholes....Everybodys got one. And yours is important to me. I disagree..I dont think its the greatest album ever...But I do think it is good..Does it compare?...Probably not..16 years later a guys voice sounds a little different...I know...Mine sounds like shit now.But Im glad you are checkin out the site and putting your opinions on here...Respect taken...I only put records that I like...Keep coming back !


  3. Thanks for sharing your view D.D. BTW, what bands did you play in? I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned here?

    As yet another aside, you know the original line-up of Hallow's Eve got back together, and their new album shows they haven't lost what made them great back in the 80s.

    Hell I'm certain you know this already, I'm generally late on the metal news.

    Cheers and thanks for your wonderful journal!

  4. From what i heard so far of the new record.
    It seems pretty good,
    but I'm sure it won't compare to
    "Forward to Termination". That was a classic thrash record with unique cover art. I could listen to that record over an over. Still waiting for my copy.

  5. Marquee postponed this release so all the posers could hurry up & buy some black. I mean white. Oh whatever...dead pop star's shit.