Monday, July 27, 2009

Slayer - Hate Worldwide - Single (2009)

1. Hate Worldwide

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" New single released at the mall......Run and get it !....By some t-shirts and other wacky shit while you're there....

" I'm not particularly feeling this track at all....What do you think?

I Don't Know?.......Might be time to retire...


  1. Yeah, I haven't listened to it yet, but when you mention Slayer and the mall in the same breath...time to call it quits.

  2. Slayer lost their magic touch long time ago...

  3. About the music: nothing special, a bit boring, even. Let's wait for the LP.

  4. Agreed. The best album they made was "Reign in Blood", after that, where can you go? It's like Queensryche did (yeah, that's right, I just compared Queensryche to Slayer) with "Operation Mindcrime". After such a brilliant album (OM and RiB) you can only go one direction, downhill.

    Slayer pulled out a few more solid albums, South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss, but let's face it, those where done 19 years ago. Give them kudos for trying something new, that's brave in a (metal) world that fears change from a favoured band, but it's long past time Slayer hung it up.

    The new tune does nothing for me either. Feels like a previously rejected tune from one of their late 90s albums.

    Stick with their earlier works

  5. Well, Queensryche (nice comparison, though) did not lose their touch after OM. I think Empire was a damn great album, but they also started losing that peculiar edge from that moment on. Promised land is a good album, but it's the last of the good ones and was released in 1994...
    Their latest "american soldier" is quite good though...

  6. Why do you post everything on rapidshare?
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