Thursday, July 9, 2009

Assorted Heap - Mindwaves (1992)

1. Coloured eyes
2. Holy ground
3. What I confess
4. Nice to beat you
5. Mindwaves
6. Dealing with dilemma
7. Cardial sin
8. Hardcore incorrigible
9. Artificial intelligence

Origin - Germany
Style - Thrash Metal

" Assorted Heap was a German thrash metal band that existed in the early 90s. They were signed to the label 1MF (1 More Flop Records) and supposedly their best selling band. In 1991 they opened up for Paradise Lost. After two albums and the disappearance of their label they broke up "

" With their second album Assorted Heap created something of a minor masterpiece. While ' The Experience Of Horror'(Debut) was a bit simple and rough around the edges, Mindwaves shows some great progress in the band's style. Better produced than the debut, Mindwaves sports a thick and heavy sound "

" Musically the development between the two releases is quite evident almost immediately - while the songs still remain fast and heavy stompers, they have more hooks and memorable riffs than ever. This album was one of the last great Thrash Albums during a time when Death Metal reigned supreme..And Thrash mostly died off "

With its marvellous dark atmosphere, Mindwaves is nothing short of outstanding !

Old & New Thrashers !.......Get It!

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