Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man Must Die - No Tolerance for Imperfection (2009)

1. No Tolerance For Imperfection
2. Gainsayer
3. Kill It Skin It Wear It
4. It Comes In Threes
5. This Day Is Black
6. Hide The Knives
7. Dead In The Water
8. What I Can't Take Back
9. Reflections From Within
10. How The Mighty Have Fallen
11. Survival Of The Sickest

Origin - United Kingdom (Scotland)
Style - Technical Death Metal

" 3rd full length from these Scottish Bruisers "

" If you like your Death metal fast and furious — and oh-so-precise — then Man Must Die is the band for you. And on their 2009 release... No Tolerance for Imperfection..You will get tons of blastbeats, Low (decipherable) growling, galloping rhythms, and rapid riffing are all on display. The songs may blur into each other...And this kind of Brutal Death Metal is not for everyone..."

" The 11-track assault of punishing, modern death metal is strikingly fast and sick, and drives home the point that Man Must Die clearly wields their instruments as weapons of destruction. Tracks like "Gainsayer", "Kill It. Skin It. Wear It."(Dig that title), and "It Comes In Threes" prove that Man Must Die live up to the albums title and have delivered one of the year's best Tech,Brutal Death Metal records.....Now Tread carefully !

Eradicate the Weak!..........Check It!

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