Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Havok - Burn (2009)

1. Wrecquiem
2. The Root of Evil
3. Path to Nowhere
4. Morbid Symmetry
5. Identity Theft
6. The Disease
7. Scabs of Trust
8. Ivory Tower
9. To Hell
10. Category of the Dead
11. Melting the Mountain
12. Afterburner

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" When I heard Havok's first E.p. 'Pwn 'em all'..I knew these youngsters had some serious potential...But now on their debut full-length..They have took it to another impressive level ! "

" First of all: It cracks me up when I hear people talk shit about the current Thrash Revival..And how these bands are just re-hashing the classic stuff from the 80s..And how Slayer and Exodus are legends and their is no Thrash anymore "

" If you ask me all music and genres are cyclical...They just come around every 20-30 years for a new generation of bands putting out their version of the music and paying homage to the early originators. I am old and yes I was there in the start..But I still dig this new shit and a new Testament album if it kicks ass "

" Holy cripes...I need to get off the painkillers..I'm fucking angry or something"
Havok from Denver ,Colorado are one of the leading contenders in 2009 to me. This album has all you want in a strong Thrash album...Riffs...Riffs...Riffs and a highly energetic attitude to go along with it. The vocals reek of Chuck Billy...But who cares..They fit well and lyrically these guys have some different shit to say...Anyway..What I'm saying is ...This LP is very good and should go along way to getting this band around the world for a few spins before its over !....Damn..I wish I was along for the ride..Just like the old days !

Destruction,Mayhem,Killing !......Ahh..Whatever !

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  1. This just jumped to the top of my 2009 list. What a fuckin scorcher!