Friday, July 31, 2009

Paganizer - Death Forever - The Pest of Paganizer (2004)

1. Landscapes Made of Human Skin
2. Bleed Unto Me
3. Only Ashes Remain
4. Even in Hell
5. Meateater
6. Promoting Total Death
7. Beyond Redemption
8. Mourning Life
9. Brutal Way To Die
10. Flesh Supremacy
11. Dead Souls
12. Lobotomized
13. All Hope Is Dead
14. Buried Alive*
15. Skinned*
16. NY Ripper*

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

Tracks 1-13 are from 'Promoting Total Death','Dead Unburied','Murder Death Kill' albums...

Tracks 14-16 are unreleaed Demo tracks

" A compilation of sorts from Rogga and Paganizer...Featuring assorted tracks from albums 2-4.....Bruising Death Metal with just a touch of Thrash thrown in for good measure "

" These are the first 3 albums worth of Paganizers new style...As they were more of a Thrash band in its early days......This is downtuned Death Metal at its dirtiest....Raw,Ugly and produced by such luminaries as Tomas Skogsberg,Dan Swano and Mieszko Talarczyk (Rip) "

A worthy compilation of the early stuff !

Sinners Burn !.........Ha !....Someone Has To Run The Barbecue !

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