Monday, July 20, 2009

Hail of Bullets - Warsaw Rising - Ep (2009)

1. Warsaw Rising
2. Liberators
3. Destroyer (Twisted Sister Cover)
4. Red Wolves Of Stalin (Live)
5. Nachthexen (Live)
6. The Crucial Offensive (Live)

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Van Drunen and the boys are back with a mini ep to crush your soul till the next full-length.....Now I want to see H.O.B. tour with Asphyx !.....Allright settle down "

" Theres not much to say..Other than These guys will take the place of Bolt Thrower(RIP)..Hopefully for the next 10 years or so...With their Heavy,Downtuned.....Crushers of 2 new tracks, A Twisted Sister Cover...You wont recognize it..And 3 live tracks from Party San Open Air festival "

" The two new tracks are classic...Already....And Ive only had this for a couple of days, The cover is another original in my book, and the live tracks are quality recorded material "

This shit KILLS !

Hail Of Mother Fucking Bullets !

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