Friday, July 3, 2009

Morgue - Eroded Thoughts (1993)

1. Coroner's Report
2. Random Decay
3. Repulsive Death
4. Plagued Birth
5. Severe Psychopathology
6. Personality Conflict
7. Eroded Thoughts

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" One and only album from (Plainfield/Joliet/Chicago, Illinois) Deathsters Morgue "

" Morgue issued this album in 1993 on Grind Core records and then proceeded to disappear...On this record Morgue played Death Metal in the Technical U.S. Metal vein...Taking influences from Pestilence,Cianide,Death Etc. "

" The guitar riffs are very thrashy and technical in the early 90s tradition. Excellent lead work and rhythms punctuate the entire album. The middle section of 'Plagued Birth' is just killer. The vocalist is exceptionally brutal with a hoarse raspy Martin Van Drunen sounding growl. 'Severe Psychopathology' and 'Plagued Birth' are two of the stand out tracks, although all 7 are excellent. "

Highly Reccommended for fans of Pestilence,early Gorguts,Oppressor,Death Etc.....

Go Ahead !.........Get It!

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  1. Man you dont know how long ive been looking for this! Used to have the CD and sold it like a dumbass! Thanks for uploading this old school death metal classic!