Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught (2009)

1. Last Breath
2. Thou Shall Not Fear
3. Damnation For The Weak
4. Absolute Power
5. Revolution
6. Rebirth
7. Lust
8. Forged In Blood
9. Every Word Unheard
10. Who I Really Am

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" The resurgence of Bay Area Thrash-influenced metal continues with the debut release, ‘The Onslaught’, by Wisconsin-based Lazarus A.D..Which was originally put out independently by the band...Then re-issued and remastered by James Murphy and put out by Metal Blade records "

" Taking their influence from early thrash metal pioneers the guys in Lazarus A.D. have re-invigorated the genre by breathing fresh air into a scene. This CD contains every thing one would expect from a solid thrash metal record; each song is built around a solid core of riffs and includes tons of speed and breakneck solos. Throw in some abrasive vocals and rapid fire drumming and 'Onslaught' is on the mark "

" Even though Lazarus A.D. have not come up with anything original, they were able to revive a style that everybody thought was long gone and make it work in the most efficient manner. Lazarus A.D. have a lot of potential...And I think in the near future can grow into a style of their own...."

Recommended !

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