Sunday, March 15, 2009

Razor of Occam - Homage To Martyrs (2009)

1. Altar Of Corruption
2. Bite Of The Dogmata
3. Day Of Wrath
4. Heat Of Battle
5. Immortal Code
6. Pattern On The Stone
7. Flame Bearers
8. Shadow Of The Cross

Origin - Australia
Style - Blackened Thrash Metal

" Debut Full length from the Australian/Uk Black/Thrashers featuring members of Deströyer 666 "

" Holy Cripes !.....I put this on and ....No campy intro....No keys or classical guitars....Just Walloping sounds of 'Altar Of Corruption'....Scathing,Tearing,Thrash riffs and black metal style raspy vokills wrapped in a crisp..Big Sounding production !.....33 minutes later and I am still looking for a break in this album...But There are none.."

" What you get to hear on ‘Homage To Martyrs’ is the perfect amalgamation of raw Black Metal and the thrashing mania of early Slayer. As raw, relentless and intense as it can get! Merciless sharp riffing and pure brutality from the darkest vaults of down under "

Beware of this record !......I shit you not.....It makes you want to break something..

...Me....I went out and punched the heavy bag for 15 minutes....Im ok now !

Tyranny Of The Gods !..........Oh Yes !

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