Thursday, March 5, 2009

D.V.C. - Molecular Shadow (1992)

1. Cannabistic Torqulation
2. Ash
3. Tallow
4. Bow Of Mortis
5. Pig Latin Auctioneer
6. Sick With Experience
7. In A Gadda Da Bhagavad Gita
8. Remanent Ashes Of Mortal Man
9. Ominous Dance
10. Dissolve In Galaxia

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Darth Vaders Church sound like a cross between Napalm Death,Terrorizer with some Bolt Thrower & some Anal Cunt(silliness) to boot...."

" This was their second album...And a strange concoction is was...Heavy Downtuned guitars and Harmonica?....Oboe?...Anyway...Their employment of strange styled instruments made for an interesting listen. This Lp is actually got some cool ideas and good playing...Just the production makes the whole entity suffer a bit..And could have been so much better with the proper Studio "

A bizarre record at the least....and a rare piece of Floridian Death Metal for sure.....

Big Bong Hits!........Get Em !


  1. thanx!
    i'v got the "Descendant Upheaval" and it's amazing...

    Darth Vader's Church

  2. Dude, album is from 1992!!!!

  3. Well I have a remixed version that's a lot better! Maybe I should rerelease it? Glenn